Barcode Label Printing Software TFORMer

Barcode Label Printing Software TFORMer


ADVANCED BARCODE LABEL SOFTWAREWith the label software TFORMer you create and print barcode labels, forms, reports, lists, tables, serial letters, invoices and more within minutes and without any programming!

The intuitive user interface reduces layout design efforts significantly. Costly barcode printers are not required, the extensive built-in barcode support covers all linear, 2D and GS1 barcodes.

Moreover, TFORMer supports international typesets like Asian or Eastern-European languages. READY-TO-USE LABELSTFORMer offers ready-to-use label templates for industrial and logistic applications.

These label templates eliminate design efforts completely and ensure that the documents comply with the appropriate standards. Some examples: AIAG, Galia, GM, GTL, Odette, VDA, VDA BELOM, DHL, FedEx, Postal Services, TNT, UPS, shipping labels, GS1 logistic labels.

DATA CONNECTIVITYTFORMer prints labels and forms with data which is entered manually or imported from files or databases. PRINTING AND EXPORTTFORMer works with all printers available on Microsoft Windows.

In addition, labels and reports may be exported without any additional software as PDF, PostScript, Image, ZPL-II or HTML file. ADDITIONAL TOOLSVarious free printing tools facilitate ad-hoc label printing tasks.

Even untrained users are able to print labels immediately. AUTOMATIONOn demand output and printing functionality is embedded easily into applications or systems.

Programming interfaces are available for NET, COM (ActiveX), JAVA and DLL developers. HIGHLIGHTS+ Visual layout editor (WYSIWYG, redo/undo, German/English, metric/inch)+ Extensive barcode support (1D, 2D, GS1, RSS, EAN, UPC,.

)+ Suitable for labels and reports (page header, page footer, grouping,. )+ Advanced features like printer tray-control, computations, conditional printing+ Outstanding performance+ Multiple output formats (printing, PDF export, PostScript, images,.

Barcode Label Printing Software TFORMer


Barcode Label Printing Software TFORMer

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